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Living the dream

Entering my teenage years was something very difficult for me. As an introvert and sensitive kid, I got bullied.

I got bullied a lot.

By the time I got to 13, damage had been done. But then, something happened: I read ‘’Peacefull Warrior’’ by Dan Millman. It changed me. The coaches that told me I wasn’t enough, the kids that would laugh at me at school... all this was fuel added to my newfound fire. I knew that from this moment forward, my skates had to do the talking. Pushing, gliding, dancing on the ice would be my language.

My legs and heart, the tools I sharpen everyday. Results came naturally.

National Team at 16 yo, with athletes 4 years older than me.

Then, World Junior Championship:

🥈2nd overall in Short Track

🥉3rd overall in Long Track

This was in 2010.

The next year would have been my year.

Dreaming of Junior World Champion in Long track AND Short track 🥇




When everything you do sets you back

Then, I started hitting walls. Big walls that I wasn’t used to, with an ego that couldn’t bare taking a step back so close to the achievement of the century.

Knee pain? Tendinitis.

Breathing problems? Exercice induced asthma.

Tired? Mononucleosis.

Depressed? ...



I got to a point where, after 2 years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I was so afraid I couldn’t even do moderate exercise without experiencing a panic attack.


Man Holding Bicycle


The next few years felt like a liberation.

Even if I knew I was fleeing from the problem. I started traveling around India, Nepal, China.

I had a lot of passions. I tried them all.

Years went by and I wasn’t satisfied with the path I had chosen. I was trying so many things but mastering none of it.

What was I afraid of?

What really is overtraining?

Can I come back?



Remembering what i love

None of the hours, weeks, or months of the year it took were easy, but it was done right.

It was done for the right reasons.

Even 0.03 seconds off from participating in the 2018 Olympics couldn't knock me down.

Even if something does, I will get back up.


  • 6x provincial record-holder

  • World Championship medalist 🥉


  • Cancelled Season


  • Qualified for the Olympic Games

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